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The full name Anthony McAvaney is a bit of a mouthful so he is often just called Anthony Mc (pronounced ‘mac’). Let me tell you a little bit him. He and his wife Catherine live in Australia. He has four adult children, and at the present time, ten grandchildren. Anthony is also the eldest of 9 children, so family involvement is a big part of his life.

As you can see from his photo he’s in the autumn of his years. Basically he’s had his fair share of life experiences – the full mix really. the highs, the lows and all the in-betweens.

He has diversified life and career interests.

In his career he has been fortunate to operate in a broad variety of service related industry settings working as a corporate training and development specialist.

In the latter part of his professional career he worked as a counsellor. This involved life coaching and personal counselling, career guidance/counselling and job search coaching. He also worked for a period of time as a career counsellor in an Australian University.

These days he still occasionally does private career and job search coaching work for individual clients.

So, what drives him today?

He’s long had a passion to be able to live life on his own terms and to never, ever have to worry about money again. And, he also intends to create a significant legacy for his family.

And, it’s only been in the last few years, with huge thanks to his coaches, mentors and many people within the SFM community that he has learned how to be able to do that.

Anthony is definitely not a newcomer to running his own businesses. He has tried things like network marketing, property investing and even running his own training and development consultancy. Truth be told though he’s mixed success with these ventures.

The big eye opener for him though was when he was doing career coaching work. It became very clear to him that there is a powerful wave of technological change that is massively impacting people’s lives, jobs and traditional careers. And, there’s good and bad side to that fact.

He doesn’t think he’s alone in realising that technology is something that we can all make work for us, instead of against us.

However, he didn’t fully understand how this was possible, or even what was possible for everyday people to set up for themselves until SFM showed him the way.

It has been mentioned before that he has led a pretty full life and has had his fair share of experiences. He’s grateful for all it and acknowledges that life is a wonderful teacher – but only if we are prepared to reflect on our experiences and learn from them.

Given his life experiences Anthony likes to think that he’s now in a good place to be able to pass on some of his learnings and insights so that others may benefit.

To that end that his purpose, and passion in life today is to encourage people to dream big, to show them what is possible, and to support them in pursuing their lifestyle of choice.

So, are you a dreamer? Would you like to be able to live life on your terms?

If that sounds like you, and you would like to find out a bit more about the ‘how’, then why don’t you and Anthony have a chat? You can book a call with him today!

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